Grace Group of Companies

Our Vision
To provide our customers merchandise as required in a timely manner, in correct quality and by wasting minimum management time.

Our Commitment
We stand firm in the belief of our cardinal rules that we are in business to build long term partnerships, create relationships and formulate total solutions for client that share our belief that must only do what one does best. And at GRACE we make sure that we do a lot more.

Our Window to Grace
Born in 1984, out of the shadows of Pakistan's one of the most well recognized business houses, the GRACE Group of Companies, formally started Grace Apparel with woven, followed by Grace Knitwear in 1992. In these last 21 years, we have come a long way, with the constantly growing list of buyers that have relied upon us to go beyond what is best, to what is impeccable.

Working out quality solutions to your needs is just what we have made a point of. With facilities laid out at over three locations, state-of-the-art machinery and modern washing and dyeing techniques, GRACE is equipped to handle all your needs at any given moment with and established work force, a trained and highly motivated work force and an unflinching level of commitment to quality. So enter the realm of GRACE and take peek at how we do things here to make a difference to your brand advantage.

Responsible Corporate Citizenry
Being an industry leader means more often than not, changing the way that business is done. For GRACE, it means adding value for both of our two greatest assets, our clients and our employees.

As a matter of established policy we:

  • Never employ child labor
  • Ensure high levels of health and safety for all employees
  • Believe in the freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Never discriminate against anybody on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs or gender.
  • Firmly stand against any form of abuse of employees.
  • Adhere to state and industry standards of minimum wage limits and fair compensation.
  • We are active in providing social services to our local neighborhood through our various projects.
  • Comply with national laws and ILO conventions in stated in Section II of the standard.
  • Are committed to continual improvement of our Social Management System.

IT Related Focus
At GRACE, we recognize the virtues of information technology and endeavor to use its entrepreneur ability to work for the best advantage of our clients. The company follows a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) by which we aim to empower all systems related to the variables affecting our performance.

With a highly skilled and well trained MIS department we ensure that all our systems involved at any level of design, production or management is optimized to add value to all that we do both in terms of quality and productivity.

Our Greatest Achievement

Our Greatest Achievements and Accolades of Performance Appreciated Time and Again.

Clients that have graced GRACE over these years with their patronage. We stand proud of the relationship that we have built with them. Relationships that continue to grow stronger over time, based on a sense of partnership and mutual professional respect.

We remain confident throughout these years GRACE has worked to be more than just a manufacturer, it has aimed at becoming a strategic partner that has an interest in building your brand as an icon of excellence.

10B/C Writers Chamber Mumtaz Hassan Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (92-21) 2430433-4
Fax: (92-21) 2417274

Following Customers have approved us after Compliance Audit.

A woven garments company, specializing the bottoms, with in house washing for 17 years. The company produces all kinds of latest washes in denims, twills e.t.c.
Established July 1984
Factory Land 5,500 Yards (5000 Sq. m.)
Total Constructed Area 90,000 Sq. feet
CEO Salim Tabani
Yearly Turnover US $11.0 million
Production Capacity 2.1 million pieces per annum

Grace Knitwear is one of our proud concerns purpose built to handle all home textile needs, the plant is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment which ensures the precision treatment of all fabrics that live up to the quality control regime that we have rigorously imposed over the years. We make it our business to ensure that whatever we do, not only meets but exceeds international standards every time. Grace Knitwear is simply the solution provider of choice.
Established July 1992
Factory Land 50,000 Sq Feet
Total constructed area 73,000 sq. feet
CEO Salim Tabani
Yearly Turnover US $6 million


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