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We at Grace pay special attention to Stitching and apart from Specialized machine and attachments. We have experienced and long serving staff and workers to ensure consistency of standard.

We have extensive sampling facilities with competent staff to deliver quickly samples as required. Many of our staff rely on our sampling department for development.

Dyeing and Washing
Coloring your brandís world is probably one of your more pressing concerns. Understanding your concerns, we at GRACE dyeing make adequate provisions in ensuring that you have no cause of concern knowing that as long it is GRACE Dyeing the cast, your brandís color consciousness is never left to chance nor is allowed the liberty to non-conform.

With one of the most modern dyeing set up in the country, GRACE Dyeing has a capacity of over 7 tons a day. On the back end we are also equipped with an adequate laboratory testing facility in the business to check dye lots, checking for any possible anomalies that can arise, we check all fabrics for amongst other things like shade continuity knitting and dyeing quality, color fastness wet and crocking. Going the extra mile to ensure quality.

Our Dyeing Department has following machinery.  

Equipment Details
Single Needle 438
Two Needle 54
Safety 32
Over Lock 9
Feedo 13
Kansai 9
Loops 4
Cutting Machines 6
Bartake 11
Plain Kaj 5
Plastic Btn Machine 6
Eyelate Kaj 2
Plastic Btn Machine 6
Metal Btn Machine 9
Washing Machine (8 Feeter) 2
Washing Machine (5 Feeter) 6
Washing Machine (2 Feeter) 1
Washing Machine (1.5 Feeter) 1
Hydro 2
Dryer 5
Boiler 1
Thread Sucking Machine 2
Computer Bone Pkt Machine 2
Over Lock 40
Singer 80
Double Needle 2
Flat Lock 20
Single Needle 3
Kansai 3
Kaj 3
Button 2
Bartake 2
Button Hole 1
Eye Let 1
Cloth Inspection 1
Snap Button 5
Spot 1
Cutting 3
Single Needle 186
Two Needle 5
Button 4
Kaj 4
Elastic 2
Over Lock 83
Flat Lock 32
Treemor 14
Tape Cutter 1


Hydro Balooning - Hilliot 1
Santex Dryer 1
Hydro 1
Tube Tex Compactor 1
China Raising 1


Corrino Slitter 1
Santex Dryer 1
Santex Compactor 1
Lafer Raising 1
Fongs (High Temperature)
MCS (High Temperature) 1
Open Wrinch 3
Fongs (Soft Flow) 4
Gust & County (High Temperature) 1
Al Amin (High Temperature Sampling) 1
Open Wrinch (Sample) 3

10B/C Writers Chamber Mumtaz Hassan Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (92-21) 2430433-4
Fax: (92-21) 2417274

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