Grace Apparel



Our Knitting Facility


Our knitting facility consists of the latest Circular Knitting machines, over a variety of diameters and gauges, in order to fulfill every requirement. As fabrication is one of the core processes of our business, we do all we can to ensure the supply chain is in our control. Close monitoring of the knitting process ensures consistent results, every time.

Dye House

Our company boasts its own dye house with state-of-the-art equipment from the leading manufacturers in the world, including Fongs & MCS. With a capacity of over 12,000kg per day, including both tubular and open-width fabrics, we are well equipped to handle all of our customers’ requirements. Strict controls built into the process ensures minimal variation, leading to consistency in the finished product.

Further, we have a fully equipped in-house lab, capable of making lab dips, as well as performing all kinds of tests, such as shrinkage, colour fastness, crocking, pH levels, etc. In-house facilities enable us to closely monitor, and rectify variances, helping us stay true to our commitments.

Our Finishing Facility


Our factory is equipped with top-of-the-line dryers and compactors, made by industry leading manufacturers such as Santex and Tubetex. Our plant is ready to meet all finishing needs, including processing of both Tubular as well as Open-Width fabrics, allowing us to meet our customer’s varying requirements. Further, our plant is also equipped with raising machines in order to increase our capabilities to include fleece and molton fabric.

Being able to achieve the right hand-feel and maintain consistent shrinkages across our production is a big advantage, allowing us to keep tight controls on our quality, and ensure our products meet the level of quality required by our clients.


Our cut to pack facility comprises of the latest machines, capable of producing all kinds of knit fitted sheets, sheet sets, duvet covers etc. Our production capacity exceeds of 250,000 pcs monthly in terms of fitted sheets, as well as over 30,000 sheet sets/duvet covers. We also employ the use of specialized machinery in order to produce terry towels.


We believe that quality standards are what sets us apart from the industry. Quality can only be achieved through implementation of strict standards. We have rigorous controls on each process starting from fabrication, till the goods are ready to ship. We ensure that our goods are only proceeded to production as per the buyers’ requirement, and then conduct regular in-line inspections of each lot, to ensure the right quality of product. Each product is scrutinized under inspection, and we endeavour to achieve our commitment every time. We are continuously improving our technical expertise as well as our quality management system, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction, and remain true to our company goals.